Sales horses

We have from time to time horses available for sale. Contact Alexandra for further information. If you dont find what you seek, you are always welcome to give us a call for a non-committal talk regarding your wishes.

Aarmorr ae
awss Lembarak x Aurora El lawrence

Power body

Arrmorr is from birth build extremely well. Both parents are as well. He will have flair for especially dressage on high level. Were good movements in all three gaits. The type of mind were he will connect very well with his owner. Price: 3500 Euro.

Aadhyan ae
Sarab Lebarak/Fadi Al Shaqab
Aurora El Lawrence/Lawrence El Gazal


Beautiful gelding from 2020, with a fantastic conformation and great movement. Loving and hardworking soul. Would fit great for Dressage, Jumping and Show. Will end up with a hight of approximately 156 cm. National gold champion foal. Video available. Price:  4700,- euro

Achilleus AE
sarab lembarak/fadi Al shaqab
Aurora El lawrence/lawrence el qazal


Achilleus is a well build gelding from 2021. He has nice and well controlled movement. Sweet character that would fit for all disciplines. Is used to daily basis management. Will be around 156 cm tall. Price: 3200,- euro.