Making the impression

Alexandra Ege Siana was born 1989 and grew up, the most of her life on Fyn in Denmark. Horses has been a part of her life since the day, she as a 6 year old, sat in the kitchen and watched the horses from the nearest riding school riding by on the street. Only after a few month her parrent bought her first pony "Dusty". A small pony with a mix of Welsh Mountain and Arabian.
After moving to a town called Nyborg, Alexandra was united, in a new stable, together with her cousin who had Arabian horses. 
Here, a great joy for this breed grew stronger each day.

On her 13th birthday her dad bought her, her first full blood arabian horse Tryszot. They became a great partnership and came to ride a few M-classes in dressage.
More arabians came along the way, and a few shows, showing her own and cousins horses.

In 2012 she began her education as a veterinary nurse specialized in horses, on the largest an most recognized horse hospital in Denmark. A natural way for her to goo, since her father was a doctor and her mother a nurse.
After graduation she went to another well known horse hospital i Germany, Bargteheide Pferdeklinik, to develop her skills... But something was missing.
A few phone calls  to her cousin, made her consider the possibility to work for Tom and Glen at Schoukens training center in Belgium.

It all fit together and her eyes turned in another direction, were she got 1,5 amazing year in Belgium with great learning and friendships to ever last.

But it was time to go home with the small feeling in her stomach that this is something she knew she could do herself, the place were she knew she belonged.

In 2017 she opened up her business home in Denmark, SIANA SHOWTRAINING